Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

Thanks for the support!

Last night Flies for Fuel event went down at Innovation Brewing in Sylva.  A few flies were made and someone made their very first bugger.

Thanks to Nicole at Innovation for the support, the raffle prizes, and for keeping the beer flowing.  Thanks also to Helen and the rest of the Howler Bros. crew for providing the great schwag we were able to give away to those who supported the event.

The bone chilling weather might have kept many folks at home, but for those that came out, thanks for giving.  Every dollar we made is now in the hands of Frankie at Thompson Gas.  She's going to make sure that someone gets a little help when they least expect it.

It's cold out there, so stay warm.

The middle of January is here. See you tomorrow!

Hoping to see a whole lot of folks from the WNC fly fishing community tomorrow night at Innovation Brewing in Sylva, NC.  Event starts at 6, with raffle drawing at 7:30.  Stop by for what should be a great time.

Click on the "Flies For Fuel" tab above this post for more info.

Winter has set it's icy grips here in WNC and throughout much of the country.  I'm seeing less people out on the rivers around here.  You've got to be pretty hardcore to be in this wind and cold, so it might be time to focus on tying up some good patterns for the spring.  Then again, nothing wrong with layering up under the waders and hitting the water when you can.

In other news, 2016 is going to be a big year for and it's author.  I'm considering making some big personal changes and with that will most likely come a home in a new place and a new state of mind.

Greetings from FL...see you in a week.

Greetings from sunny and warm Florida!

Being a native Floridian, I can attest that this weather isn't quite normal.  It's a bit chilly in these parts, and of course the weather took a turn to the lower side while we're here.

The good news is that I got to spend a great day with an old friend, and at the same time shared some water with a new friend and my better half.

There will be a full report when vacation is over...


One week from now, it'll be Flies for Fuel night at Innovation Brewing in Sylva, NC.  Get out and tie up some bugs, drink some beer and help heat some homes.  6pm is the start time.  If you're in WNC, please stop by.

First post of 2016

Here's my first post to this thing for 2016.  I'll be quick, scattered and try and keep up.

Vacation eve - not so easy when I'm packing for salt - something I don't do very often with my WNC mountain location.  Got the 6wt, 9wt and 12 wt rods and reels ready.  Can't wait to share some water with an old pal.

Two weeks until the Flies for Fuel event.  If you're in the WNC area, plan to be at Innovation Brewing on the 19th.  We'll tie bugs, drinks beers and raise some cash.  No excuses.

The new year is here, and is entering it's third year of "life".  Look out for a new look and a podcast in the next few weeks.