Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

Putting pen to paper in July

Welcome to July.  It's officially summer and I haven't gone fishing in forever.  I'm just not feeling it. I hate fishing in the heat since it strains the fish so much, the abundance of tourists kills the mood, and I continue to hold a grudge against the WNC fishing community.

I was watching this quick vid and it reminded me that there's beauty and solitude out there:

Backcountry Brookie from Brett Winchel on Vimeo.

There was a tying night at my local brewery a while back.  It was good to see a new group of folks attempting to tie up some feathers into something useful.  Justin concocted the raddest bugger that was in Seahawks colors.

There might be a rod review coming up.  I had a great JP Ross rod for seven years.  It met it's demise last summer, and after 10 months, I have the replacement.  If time allows, I'm hoping to get out early one morning and give it a shot.