Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

Hey there, it's been a while, eh?

How's it going?  Tough winter, huh?

Haven't posted for a while.  You still fishing?  Survive that crap weather?  I've been stranded at the top of my hill without being able to drive up (even with the Subaru).  Things are looking up, though.   Today, the Subaru started getting dressed for spring. The rod vault came out, got a quick washing and ended up back where it belongs.  Seems like Spring Fever has struck.

How about you?  Spring Fever taking over?

Anyhow, while I'm at it, I might as well share this pretty rad vid with ya.  You know it's a tough winter when they're wearing coats in the FL.

Get out and fish!  See ya on the water soon.