Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

2014 in review - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Believe it or not, 2014 is about to be in the history books.  As we approach 2015, here's my personal look back at what was a transitional year:

The good:

Moving to the deep and dirty south - this has been a relatively good thing.  Melissa and I hauled the Clacka across the continent along with Chaco and we started over.  Sure, I miss Seattle, but I'm glad to return to the east coast. I took a few trips to new rivers, I fished in Great Smoky Mountains NP, floated a few new places and most importantly, I met a new friend and was able to introduce him to fly fishing.  Alfredo just bought his first fly rod and hopefully we'll wet a line in the near future.  He has so much enthusiasm for fishing and it's good to see someone so excited to go fish.

The bad:

With all good intentions, I began to plan an event to raise money for Project Healing Waters.  It didn't take long for the typical bullshit to begin and things fell apart.  If my name is going to be attached to an event, it's going to be a great event.  I guess PHWFF didn't need the cash...

The ugly:

I met some dudes that I thought were friends.  Dale and Bobby opened a fly shop in Bryson City the same day I moved to town.  We fished together and soon they asked for my help with some things at the shop.  Smart people will tell you not to mix business with friendship, and that's why they're smart people - they know better.

Things unfortunately went pear shaped and our friendship ended over poor business dealings.  The worst part is that none of the shit that went down had to go down. Bummer.

So, resolutions for '15?  Fish more, keep my guard up and drink more quality beer. How about you?

Merry Christmas!

Have a great Christmas!

The season of giving...

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  For the last two months, we've all been beat over the head with Christmas advertising.  Today and tomorrow, we'll receive dozens of emails offering last minute deals.  Businesses are asking us to give to them, but in reality, we should all consider giving to someone who needs our help.  How are you helping people this year?

Lately, I'm feeling pretty burned for trying to give, and I've been doing my research about charities in general.  So many charities are raking in the money, and while they are offering assistance to others, they're helping themselves first.  A charity that takes 20 percent off the top before helping anyone isn't doing anyone a favor.  Of course there are expenses to running a business, but a charity is a business - they're making money before they're sending that money to where it needs to go.  More on this in a future blog post.

What I'm trying to say is that it might be a good idea to look at your neighbor.  Do they have heat this winter?  Is that lady down the street hungry?  You could give to a charity.  You could give five bucks and know that one dollar is going to someone's salary, two dollars are going to fundraising, and the last two dollars are going to someone in need.  Or, you could go buy a gallon of heating oil for your neighbor who is busting his ass at three minimum wage jobs to keep his kids warm.

So, what if you're the guy busting his ass at three jobs?  You can still make a difference.  Do something nice for a stranger.  Hold the door for someone.  Stop and thank someone for their friendship.  Money isn't the only way of giving.

Do some good this holiday season.  Make a difference to someone.  You'd be surprised how a little bit of kindness can make someone's day a whole lot better.

My other blog.

Fly fishing has been my passion for a while.  Before that, I always enjoyed viewing the world through a camera lens, and I've recently rekindled the idea of a photo blog.

Have a look at Alternate Aperture.

Over the limit?

Greedy much?

Anyone into Tenkara?

Tenkara Bum from Roamads on Vimeo.

Great short video from Charlie

This went up a few days back.  An amazing chunk of water tucked into a shopping mecca.  Thanks for the video, Charlie.  And congrats on the engagement!

Hangin' with the Pig Farm gang.

Brevard, NC is home to the east coast facilities for Oskar Blues.  They make a damn fine beverage and they recently allowed the gang from Pig Farm to bring Iron Fly to their porch.

Drinks were consumed, flies were tied, contests were held.  The images should suffice as words can't describe the events that took place. 


Larry Fivecoats

No title necessary...

the AVL

The 2014 Christmas Wish List - Part 3

Still working on that shopping list?  Here are a few more ideas...

What:  Howler Bros. Quepos Quilted Jacket.
Cost: $155

The info:  It's cold out, unless you're in Florida.  An if you are in Florida, you 're probably wearing a ski jacket anyhow.  Check out the great stuff from Howler Bros. for style and function.


What is it: Abel Super 12W
Cost: $880
Why:  It's an Abel.  It's beautiful, functional and you want it.  Check out their options of colors and you'll want one even more.

What: Fishpond Rodeo 31 Rolling Duffel

Because: You've got all the gear.  You have the destination.  How do you get all of that crap there?  You put it in this bag, wheel it out the door and go.  

Plus, if you buy all of the stuff on this list, your wife is going to kick you out and you'll need this bag to help you move.  Just sayin'.


Thanks to Howler Bros.

Twitter anyone?

 Anyone else use Twitter?  Follow my posts to stay up to date on and The Wicked Winter Classic.  Plus you might get my occasional rant about random life, and I know you want that.  Doesn't everyone?

Back in action!

After some especially rough days of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, Nyquil kind of stuff, I am back to it.  There was also some account access trouble, but that is also on the mend.  I've been passing the time by watching random stuff, so now it's your turn.

Too sick to blog.

Wicked cold has taken down  Maybe tomorrow I'll write something useful.