Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

The 2014 Christmas Wish List - Part 1

As the season of greed, excess and gluttony is upon us, I give you the Christmas Wish List for 2014.

Here are today's entries:

-Item: Clackacraft Eddy

-Cost: a lot, and if you get the bells and whistles, it's even more. Don't forget the trailer.

-Why you should get this:  Face it, you want a drift boat.  You can probably row though the same class III rapids that your guide handled with ease, all while telling you stories, offering instruction, handing you a bottle of water and untangling your line for the sixth time in ten minutes.  Just think, if you had a drifty, you wouldn't have to pay for those float trips anymore.  I'm sure your wife won't mind just one more toy in the garage, will she?

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-Item: Patagonia Tractor Wading Boots

-Cost: $279

-Why you should get them:  You're still wearing felt soles, aren't you?  You're probably also throwing your beer cans into the landfill.  Get with the times!  Sure, felt offers good grip, but it also carries invasive species to all of the places you fish.  Try out some metal grip from Patagonia.  These boots offer super grip without the felt.  They also outperform screw-in studs any day of the week.

To be fair, you can transmit invasive species with anything.  No matter what you're wearing, make sure to do your part, ok?

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-Item: Scott Radian

-Cost: $795

-Why you should get this:  Scott has upped the ante again.  As if the S4 wasn't badd ass enough, they have set the bar with their made in the USA rods - again.  Go cast one and you won't need to read another word.  

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To be continued...