Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

The all important fishing rig.

For an angler, there might not be anything more important than their fishing rig.  I'm not talking about a rod and reel, I'm talking about the rig that gets you there.  Your car.  Your truck.  Your bicycle.

Without our fishing rigs, we would be stuck.  Maybe you're fortunate enough to live on a stretch of river filled with big trouts, but for most of us, we've got to get there before we can even think of hooking into a fish.

When I first picked up a fly rod, I was driving a Mercury Sable.  It was a front wheel drive, V6 powered silver bullet.  It was great on the highway, but when it came to navigating those muddy and rough New Hampshire roads, it left something desired.  It wasn't a vehicle I ha picked out, it was my mom's old car.  My VW had given up the ghost and mom hooked me up when she got a new vehicle.

When the time was right, my passion for angling played a role in the purchase of my fishing rig.  The stars had aligned and for the first time ever, I bought a new car.

My Subaru Forester is a 2010 model.  It is dark grey, has the standard all wheel drive, a giant sunroof, seats that warm my ass, enough room to sleep in in the back, a decent 2.5 L four banger, and most importantly a hitch.  Oh yeah, the big selling point - a five speed tranny.

The Subie rolled off the lot with two miles back in October of '09.  Trout was there to help me pick it out.  He had to get in and make sure the seats were comfortable enough for his liking.  Once he approved and the paperwork was done, we hit the road.

The Subie at the Radium takeout after a day on the Upper Colorado.

I outfitted the Subie with a Thule rack and basket and later on added a Titan Rod Vault to keep my rods and reels safe and ready to go.  She handles mud and snow like a champ, offers a comfy ride and for the most part is pretty dependable.

Having a manual transmission and a hitch means that towing the drift boat is a snap.  Sure, the four cylinder struggles to haul a boat over Vail Pass, but I'm not blasting out six gallons of go-juice just to clear the hill.

So, that's my fishing rig. We just celebrated our five year anniversary.  She has about 130K miles now and I have no plans to move on just yet.  That car has been in almost every state in the US.  I've slept in the back quite a few times, and the Subie has been the common denominator in most of our adventures in the Jeff and Melissa household.

So, what;s your fishing rig?  Got a story to share?