Iron Fly - Lander, WY

Iron Fly - Lander, WY Dec 3 6:30 @ Lander Bar's Coalter Loft

Hey Denver Outfitters - thanks for the love

Haven't paid much attention to this wicked fish thing lately. That's gonna change soon. Yeah right. 

So, I was featured today on Denver Outfitter's blog for #fishermanmonday. 

Look it up, check it out. Many of you have played a big role in this fishing life. Thanks, you know who you are. 

I'm working on life stuff, hoping that fishing and life get back together soon. Stay tuned. 

Memorial Day obligatory post

Let's all remember those who gave it all so we can do what we do. That's all for today. 

Hardly Strictly Musky 2017 - it's official

Let's just go ahead and say it.  It's about fucking time, right?  I've only been attempting to get to the damn tournament for years now.

Well, it's gonna happen this year.  I'm finding myself headed for east, and there'll be no excuse not to go.  Made plans to team up with a fellow Pig Farmer, and we're planning on getting it done.

In case you're curious, check out the event details at...  It's not too late to sign up.

Important changes to this blog - effective immediately

Effective today, April 1, the wicked fish blog will no longer feature any content related to fly fishing. All content will focus on bait chucking and worm dunking.   Sorry for the short notice.  Have a lovely day.

New issue of This is Fly

Issue 61 of This is Fly is live.  Check it out.

Time to weigh in...

I avoid politics as much as possible.  I'm a moderate American, and you don't really care about my opinions, so I'll spare you the details.  

I will weigh in, and tell you that I'm not so happy with the idea of the Pebble Mine project gaining traction yet again.  Please do your research.  Contact your local politicians if you agree or disagree with their approach to this sensitive issue. 

That is all.


The new year is here, and I haven't given a shit in a while.

It's 6:34 am on a shitty cold Wyoming morning.  I haven't really done anything with this blog in a long time.  I'll shirk responsibility and blame work, the weather, the asshole people that make me hate fly fishing (let me asshole people, I'm talking about the stupid, hole jumping, bait chucking, mouth breathers that jack up our sport), the people that make my schedule, the political parties, and the employees of the Walmart tire and auto department.  It's their fault.  OK, I just made up the part about the tire and auto workers.  

I haven't had much to say lately.  I brought my drift boat home a month or so ago.  It had been resting at it's summer hang out - the North Platte River Lodge.  It hadn't seen much use since the season finally gave into winter's relentless bitch tendencies.  It's in the driveway now, and it's one more thing that I have to brush the snow off every time Wyoming decides to crap on this area.  

Sure, a lot has been going on that would be worthy of blogging.  There's been Iron Fly, industry news, rumors being milled, visits with old friends and plans being made for this new year.  

I'll post some real articles soon.  So, until then, go do whatever it is that you do. 

Yo. It's about to go down - Iron Fly Lander

We're just days away from Iron Fly. You gonna be there?


Weather might be an issue for those traveling. Please be careful.